So Here I Am


I am taking this course because I am a Language and Literacy minor and this class is one of the requirements to graduate. I am also taking this course because I think writing and learning diverse literature is extremely important for students to learn and understand. Representation of all cultures is vital to developing a culturally aware and diverse community of accepting individuals. Based off the first day of class, I expect to learn a lot about myself. I expect to be be pushed out of my comfort zone. I expect this process to be similar to peeling an onion: only by peeling back the many layers will I be able to discover the true beauty of it.

I would like to explore, experiment with, and work at these five specific techniques:

  1. Evoke strong emotion
  2. Pull the reader in using personal anecdotes
  3. Find my own voice through my writing
  4. Descriptive language
  5. Write with a purpose/passion

Some identities that I associate with are:

  1. I am Jewish, so I might use a Star of David.
  2. I am a woman, so I might use the female gender sign.
  3. I have ADHD, so I might use a brain with scribbles in it.
  4. I am well educated, so I might use a graduation cap or a stack of books.
  5. I am a student, so I might use a person in a classroom or reading a book.
  6. I am compassionate, so I might use a big heart.

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